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Google ChromeMicrosoft Edge 設定の場合:
ステップ 1: 設定を行うには、[ 詳細設定 ](その他の設定) をクリックしてください。
ステップ 2: クリックすると、利用可能なオプションが表示されます。適切な印刷のために、以下の表と同じオプションを設定してください。

詳細設定 詳細
用紙サイズ A4
余白 なし
倍率(拡大/縮小) カスタム -> 100%

・Google Chrome
[ ページ ] -> [ カスタム ] を選択し、2ページ目から範囲を指定します。 [2-]
・Microsoft Edge
[ ページ ] の空欄を選択し、2ページ目から範囲を指定します。 [2-]



Bridging the World's Diverse Human
Resources with You

Make global human resources bloom as a force of Japan quality. グローバル人材を、ジャパンクオリティの戦力として花開く。


One of the problems facing Japan today is the reduction of the labor force. The working-age population peaked in 1995 but declined due to the declining birthrate and the aging population; Japan’s total population peaked in 2008 also started to decrease after the succeeding years. According to future estimates done by the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, the working-age population (15-64 years old) was 76.29 million in 2015, will go down to 68.75 million in 2030 and 47.93 million in 2060. To solve this problem, we must rely on the workforce of foreigners.

PANALOSA JAPAN has been focusing on foreign labor force from an early stage and has been playing the role of a bridge between foreigners seeking jobs in Japan and companies in Japan seeking human resources.

Although it was a small force at the beginning, the company has steadily accumulated the results step by step with your support and patronage.

In the future, we will continue to work as an agency specializing in foreigners, showcasing talented foreign personnel and workforces such as international students. The company also aims to create an environment that makes you want to try working in Japan and support the promotion of globalization that is required by Japan and Japanese companies.

Panalosa Japan will continue to strive to be a company that contributes internationally and is trusted by the international community.

OwnerPrim Rose I. Umehara


The company consistently carries out the process from Education to Employmentwhile providing High-Quality Services.
Providing a place for you is the strength of PANALOSA JAPAN.

Staffing Business

A Pioneer in Foreign Dispatching

As a pioneer in dispatching foreigners, the company has already dispatched many foreigners since our founding. Foreigners still account for over 90% of the temporary staff.

So far, Panalosa Japan is proud of its achievements and it feels that it is the company’s responsibility to dispatch more groups of foreign professionals in the future.
Not only do we dispatch foreigners, but we also dispatch Japanese workers.

Japanese Language School Management

A Focus on Human Resource Development

PANALOSA JAPAN operates a Japanese language school located in the Philippines.
The school prepares the students to learn Japanese language and Japanese cultures in their home country in advance, which greatly reduces anxiety after coming to Japan.

The company is convinced that it can introduce high-quality human resources to companies.

Creating a Reassuring Organization

Follow Up on Employment

PANALOSA JAPAN provides employment support for international students and foreign nationals who have a residence status (Residence Card “在留カード”) . A user registration system 「Hello Work」is adopted to support the employment of various nationalities living in Japan.

By nationality, Vietnamese contains the most number of workers in Panalosa Japan, followed by Chinese and Nepalese, etc. By category, international students, and graduate students account for the majority of the workers; But recently, job hiring’s for people with high expertise and technical skills are increasing.

When hiring a foreign worker, the company is worried about the employment restrictions e.g. “Unrestricted Visa”, but for those who do not have restrictions on their status of residence, there will be less hassle in finding a job for you.


Room A, 3rd floor, South Building, Hanakuruma Building, 5-16-17,
Mei Eki Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City , Aichi Prefecture 450-0002
Google maps
Contact Information Tel. +81527564981 Fax. +81527564982
Representative Prim Rose I. Umehara
Permission Number 派23 - 303164
Paid Employment Placement Business License Number 23 - ユ - 301948
  • School

    TESDA Registered and Accredited

    TESDA is an abbreviation for Technical Education and Skills Development authority.

    To be accredited by TESDA, a school must pass rigorous examinations such as providing a concrete lesson plans, legal documents regarding the school establishment, management/finance, tax, etc.

  • Affiliate

    Supporting behind the scenes

    Established as a stock company to support the business activities of PANALOSA JAPAN.

    Currently, we are not only supporting the business of PANALOSA JAPAN, but also supporting the lives of people who are working and their families.

  • Recruitment Agency

    Licensed under POEA

    a Philippine-based recruitment agency primarily engaged in the canvassing, enlisting, contracting, transporting, utilizing, procuring, and hiring of High Quality Overseas Filipino Workers for Domestic, Skilled, Un-skilled and Professional employment all over the world. We are a corporation duly licensed and approved by the POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration).